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Pilates for all bodies. 45 minutes of full body mat pilates workout


Pilates is meant to be a low impact, but high intensity workout. My classes are for everyone, whether you are new to the fitness world, have been working out for years, or are already part of the Pilates community. With the opportunity for lots of modifications, I am able to accommodate all levels in my classes.

Lifted is a Microformer Lagree and Mat Pilates studio. Lagree is a method of fitness that expands on the core methods of Pilates. It is a high intensity, low impact workout that focuses on core, strength, and muscle endurance training. As a lagree studio, I will be offering mat classes and lagree classes. The microformers provide more variety and fun to the workout.

Class Schedule

Sundays: Mat Full Body 11:00am

Mondays: Micro Full Body 5:30pm

Tuesdays: Mat Full Body 5:30pm

Wednesdays: Micro & Mat Core Focus 6:30am 

Fridays: Micro Full Body 5:30pm


First Class $10

Single Class $25

4 Pack $90

8 Pack $160

12 Pack $220

16 Pack $250

Adelena Parker-Lewis

While living in Seattle, I discovered reformer pilates workouts. While I have always been into fitness, this was the first time a method of fitness truly caught my attention and kept me dedicated. I fell in love with the slow pace yet intense classes. Pilates allowed me to focus on my mental endurance and strength while building muscle and feeling good.

After quickly falling in love, I became certified to teach in 2022. After a year of teaching, I then become lagree certified in 2023. The studio that I taught at became my second family. They prioritized community, mental health and body positivity.

When I moved home to North Carolina, I was truly heartbroken to be leaving the studio. A conversation with my old boss, Erin, quickly turned into a dream and goal to bring that same energy here to North Carolina. I have had the privilege of being mentored by Erin in opening up my own studio that feels like a community safe-space! There is no doubt that the fitness community and especially pilates can feel exclusive and intimidating. It is my goal to stand out from other pilates studios with an inviting inclusive studio that feels like home to you!