What is included in the price?

  • 12 hour day-of rental: This rental block is from 11am-11pm. It may be adjusted to start earlier but cannot be adjusted to go later. The start time is when your vendors can begin setting up and the wedding party can begin using the suite. The end time is when all guests and vendors will be cleaned up from the venue. Special accommodations can be made for drop offs (ex. linens, rental decor) to happen prior to your start time for no extra charge. Additional hours can be added for set up, use of the bridal suite or hours the night before your wedding (rehearsal dinner, set up) for $200 an hour.
  • Tables and chairs for 150:  We are the only local wedding venue to include 15 custom wooden farm tables in your rental! The tables are 8 feet long and can fit 10 guests per table. We also include 150 wooden padded folding chairs that perfectly match the farm tables. These chairs can be moved for both ceremony and reception. If you have over 150 guests, we will happily rent the additional tables and chairs for you (avg. $3 chair and $15 for plastic table and $100 for additional farm tables).  
  • Use for ceremony rehearsal: You will have access to the venue 1-2 days before your wedding for your ceremony rehearsal. The final time will be confirmed with you 2 months before your wedding date. 
  • On-site venue host day-of:  A team member will be on-site for the entire duration of your wedding. We will assist with tasks such as setting up tables and chairs, AC and heat, keeping bathrooms stocked, and any needs pertaining to the venue. If you have not hired our coordination service we will not be responsible for tasks such as running the day-of timeline, setting up decor, serving and clean up, etc.
  • Market lights hung in Forest Hall: ​We always keep the beautiful strings of market lights hung throughout the venue! You can use these for no extra charge. These typically cost $1,000 for rental and installation.
  • On-site parking: We have ample parking spaces on-site for all your wedding guests for no additional charge. We are happy to recommend valet and shuttle services if you are interested. Guests can even leave cars overnight at no extra charge.
  • Wedding party suite: This is a small suite that can be used by the members of the wedding party and immediate family. The suite includes a wall of mirrors, three hair and make up stations, a full body mirror and a couch to lounge on.  One partner can use this room to get ready and the other partner can get ready off-site and arrive just in time for pictures. 
  • Prep kitchen for catering: We have a basic kitchen that your catering staff is welcome to use for preparation, serving and clean up. The room includes counter space, a fridge and a sink.
  • Set up and clean up of tables and chairs: ​When you arrive day-of, your tables and chairs will be set up in your desired layout. At the end of the night, you are only responsible for removing personal items and decor and your catering staff for trash. We take care of table and chair break down and sweeping and mopping.

Will there be any additional fees?

We are 100% transparent with our clients from day 1 and will never surprise you with hidden fees. In addition to the venue rental fee, the only things we require that would cost additional money are:

  • ​A license and insured bartender if you are serving alcohol. These start at just $25 an hour and you are welcome to purchase your own alcohol.
  • Event Insurance. This can be purchased through your insurance provider. All you have to do is fill out an online form and pay roughly $150 to cover your event.
  • A professional day-of coordinator. This person will ensure the whole wedding runs smoothly and coordinate the wedding party, guests and vendors. They typically cost $900-$2,000 for day or month of help. 80% of couples use our in-house coordination service but this is not required. 

What is event insurance?

Event liability coverage may help protect you if you’re found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during your event, and many venues require you to have it. If the band you hired damages a wall with their gear, for example, this coverage may help pay for repairs. Some policies also cover incidents caused by your guests. So if someone gets a little wild on the dance floor and trips a waiter as he walks by, event liability coverage may help pay for medical expenses resulting from an injury. Make sure to read your policy to find out what kinds of situations it does and does not cover.

What level of insurance do I need to get?

A single event liability insurance is required. A copy of the insurance must be on site. We require that Forest Hall at Chatham Mills be added to the policy as additional insured. We do ask that Forest Hall at Chatham Mills is added as the additionally insured. The amount we require is $1 million.

Why do I need a day-of coordinator?

For many years, owner Greg Lewis and his teams have had the pleasure of catering to couples all around the Research Triangle area. The coordinator makes sure the whole day runs smoothly and takes care of any questions or issues that may arise behind the scenes. Without a day-of coordinator, couples often get distracted with questions that can easily be handled by someone else familiar with the couples’ plan. We are more than happy to serve as your day of coordinator. If you choose an outside coordinator, the requirements are that they are included on our approved vendor list and are insured. We believe that your day-of coordinator is one of the most important investments of your wedding. 

What are the rules associated with alcohol?

Alcohol is allowed. You can obtain alcohol through the caterer, hire a bartending company, or provide your own alcohol and have the caterer provide a bartender to serve it. If you are only serving beer, wine, and champagne, no additional permit is necessary. However, if you are serving hard liquor you will need to apply for a “Limited Special Occasion Liquor License” from the North Carolina ABC Commission. You will need a licensed and insured bartender to serve all alcoholic beverages. While getting ready in the morning before your license bartender arrives, you are only allowed to drink alcohol served by our next door restaurant “Pickle Jar Cafe”. 

Is there outdoor space?

There is a beautiful outdoor space that can be used for ceremonies and cocktail hours. This space is included in the venue price. If it were to rain on your wedding date, the rain plan is moving the ceremony inside and then flipping the space for your reception. You are also welcome to rent a tent. You do not have to make your final rain plan until the night before your wedding.

Are animals allowed?

We welcome your furry friends to join for any ceremonies or portions of the wedding taking place outdoors. Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets inside the venue due to some guests’ severe allergies. Service animals are the only exception to this rule.

How large is the hall?

3,500 square feet with seated capacity of 250 people and cocktail style 300 people. Only 120 guests can fit seated on one side of the hall so guests over 120 would have seating on both sides of the hall.

Rules about decor?

At the end of the night, you are responsible for returning the space to how you found it. Please select decor that allows you to do so. No open flames, candles must be in a vase or votive. No confetti or glitter. Only Command hooks are allowed for hanging decor.

Payment and Cancellation

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date. The remaining 50% is due 60 days before your event. All payments are final. If you decide to move your date, you may do so based on availability for no extra charge.

Clean Up

At the end of your event, you and your vendors are responsible for removing all decor and trash. Caterers (or someone in their place) are required to haul all trash to the dumpsters. All rentals must be consolidated but can be picked up the following day. You are not responsible for breakdown of tables and chairs or sweeping/mopping. . 

Wheelchair accessible?


Are there nearby accommodations?

Yes! The Hyatt and Aloft in Chapel Hill are 20 minutes away. The Aloft offers a complimentary shuttle! There are also 2 bed and breakfasts less than 1 mile from the venue that are perfect for whole wedding parties and extended family to stay together! 

Can I do a sparkler exit?

Of course! We love them 🙂 Just remember a bucket of sand to put them out in!